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This controversial  book that was published over 10 years ago  and had sparked much criticisms and debate has now been thrown in the spot- light once again due to the current covid-19 global pandemic. The author of this book, Courtney Williams, claims that the covid-19 pandemic is indeed manmade by the globalist in initiating a economic reset after a complete collapse in establishing the “MABEAST” satanic chip monitoring one world government system that will take full complete control of our lives. The author wrote 10 years ago in this book that this complete globalist control will give  the “ANTI-CHRIST” who will be the one sole leader of the new world order, the ability to posses all vaccinated chipped human with the spirits of FALLEN ANGEL DEMONS in being fully controlled by him at the same time granting freedom and full access to those DEMONS to the earth. COURTNEY WILLIAMS claims the vaccinated possess human race will become complete diabolical slaves to one man posses by SATAN himself!! This book that was once considered fictitious nonsense is now shockingly appearing  to be a realistic nightmare to all fellow humans. This book is packed with many freighting prophetic events that have not yet been unfolded, but COURTNEY WILLIAMS state that they will unfold very fast within a few years in dramatic surprising succession that the unrepaired will be overtaken by this evil system.

If you want to understand how the arts, entertainment, sports, and the internet are being used as a subtle platform for the unleashing of the mark of the beast, you should read “Satan’s top secret book of the Dammed.” It is an unfolding Prophecy of an amazing spiritual encounter.

Learn how the bodies of eternally cursed humans are used as a platform for the redemptive Armageddon apocalypse campaign and how much better off Satan will be than the demonic angels that were promised salvation. There is much more, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

Probably the most provocative book I’ve read in the past several months, Courtney Williams’ ‘Satan’s Top Secret book of the Dammed’ is definitely a jaw-dropping experience—it will reel you in helplessly and make you question all the myths you’ve had comfortably believed in as “facts”, and inspire you to re-examine so many things in your life.

At its heart, the book is a visceral re-examination of what mankind “know” about the Beast, aka Lucifer, and how Satan’s power to deceive has led even well-meaning people not only to worship the False Prophet but also commit unspeakable things in what they mistakenly believe are for the good. What’s more hair-raising is the author’s highly detailed revelation of how Satan has been working behind the scenes to trick people into accepting the Mark of the Beast—and how this whole camapaign waged by Evil has been happening on a global scale.

This book will make you do a double-turn and to take a long hard look at how you live as you try to find out if you haven’t been unwittingly deceived by Lucifer himself. Incredibly intriguing, this is a must-read. Get a copy of this book today and find out how you can save yourself—your loved ones may also need this, so send this book to them as a gift.  CLICK HERE to review this book on amazon.


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